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How Flawless Skin by Abby Experienced 385% Revenue Growth with Clarity Technologies

May 1, 2024 9:00:00 AM • Written by: Clarity Technologies

In the bustling world of skincare and aesthetics, standing out is both an art and a science. Aesthetics is a 100-billion-dollar industry and growing. But it is still highly competitive and so many people are looking for an edge. Maybe it’s the latest technology or a viral post on social media… but that isn’t always sustainable. Instead, many practices have created growth and honed their competitive edge by getting back to the fundamentals: understanding and tracking your revenue, training your team, and making strategic choices. Flawless Skin by Abby was one such practice. Abby and her team set a goal to maximize revenue, empower their staff, offer unparalleled services, and become one of the most popular skincare experts in Nigeria. And she reached out to Terri Ross and Clarity Technologies to help get her there. 

Meet Abby Bakare

Abby Bakare is one of the most in-demand skincare experts in Nigeria. She’s built a thriving practice that is sought after by celebrities, editors, business executives, and high-profile clients. For Abby, skincare is more than a business, it’s deeply personal. Her empathy and expertise help put patients at ease and create amazing results. Together with her team, Abby was ready to reach her goals with Clarity's Practice Performance System. 

Getting Started

One of the first steps any practice takes with the Clarity Practice Performance System is a full performance assessment to get an accurate and detailed picture of their medspa. During an assessment, practice owners answer a series of questions that cover everything from vision and goals to target market and demographics to revenue and conversion rates. This comprehensive look at a practice helps identify the gaps and provides details on how to course correct. That means diving deep into numbers and metrics like cash flow, revenue per hour, profit per treatment, conversion metrics, and more.

Once Abby completed the practice assessment, the business coaches at Clarity Technologies were able to make a game plan with Abby to increase revenue and boost the performance of her practice. 

Actionable Steps

With a specific and actionable plan in place, Abby and her team completed the Clarity Training modules. These training modules are tailored to the different positions in the practice with unique content for each role. So when patients come in, they are receiving a 5-star experience from the first phone call to the consultation, even to the follow-up. Abby also took advantage of the financial calculators and workbooks that are available on the Clarity Practice Performance System, in addition to weekly live Zoom coaching sessions. By fully embracing every tool and offering within the Clarity Practice Performance System, Flawless Skin by Abby soon saw truly incredible results from all their hard work. 

Unprecedented Growth

By the Numbers:

  • Revenue more than grew in the first year, it doubled. 
  • Reached 385% revenue growth within three years.

Beyond the Numbers:

  • A team that was not just productive but profitable, thanks to the Clarity training modules. 
  • Expert analysis and recommendations that informed the medspa’s decisions

“I am so grateful for Terri and the Clarity team. As soon as I started going over the Clarity training courses, I was blown away. I love love LOVE the financial calculators and workbooks…genius! I love you Terri and am grateful for all you do in ensuring that my practice succeeds.” – Abby. Bakare, founder of Flawless Skin by Abby MedSpa.  

The story of Flawless Skin by Abby, Terri Ross, and Clarity Technologies is one of many when it comes to seeing real growth and real results in the aesthetic industry. And if you’re ready to complete your own free practice assessment, click here 

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