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The Key to Success is in the Sale

Oct 2, 2021 9:00:00 AM • Written by: Clarity Technologies

Every aspect of the success of your business is based on selling. In fact, selling is nothing more than a transfer of emotion. It is the ability to inspire, move, and get people to do something. For some reason, “sales” is such a scary word. People tend to shy away from sales as they relate to it in a negative way like being pushy or aggressive, or conjuring up images of a used car salesman in a plaid suit.


"The Importance Of Sales"

This quote by Wayne Dyer says it best: “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  The goal is to get you to change your perspective and challenge you to shift your mindset around sales. 

Redefining "Sales" 

Sales is about bringing value. It’s understanding someone’s needs. Ultimately, it is providing them with a solution to a problem, so there is nothing negative about sales. It’s nothing to shy away from. Most importantly, it’s nothing to avoid investing in. Training your team in mastering the art of sales is critical and necessary for running a successful practice. Sales is the lifeblood of any organization. Selling is really a part of your daily life—even if you do it unconsciously. Think about it. How do you inspire your kids to do their homework? How do you get your partner to go to a restaurant you want to go to or take a vacation to the destination you want?  We are constantly inspiring, motivating, and leading people down a certain path. 


Shifting the Focus From Sales to Educating

When you shift “selling” to “educating” or “inspiring” or “motivating” or “leading,” the energy immediately shifts to a more positive connotation. When thinking about the team you hire to represent your practice as the first point of contact, put yourself in your patient’s shoes. What kind of culture are you trying to build? What type of image are you trying to project? Who is answering the phones and how are they answering the calls? What feeling does the copy on your website convey? What messages and images are coming across in your videos? What tone are you using in the content you put out in newsletters, blogs, or on social media? 

All these factors influence people and affect your ability to get them to come to your practice. You are the leader of your practice, but ultimately you must create and sell your vision to your team so that they have a greater understanding of the vision and mission for your company. 

Defining Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) 

The aesthetic industry is highly competitive. If someone were to ask you why people should choose your practice; and then ask you to sell them on the answer, what would you say? 

To help you create a clear understanding of your UVP, try getting out a piece of paper and writing down 10 valuable reasons of why someone should come to your practice versus your competition. If you are struggling in any area of your business right now, whether it’s the number of leads coming in the door, your patient consultation conversion ratio, or your patient retention rates, it is most likely directly correlated to your team’s ability, or lack thereof, to sell and differentiate your providers and practice. 


When we talk about sales leading to massive success, you must get people to follow you, support you, listen to you, and trust you, so they’ll want to buy from you. But before you can do any of that, you must believe in yourself and what you offer. You must invest in your team and provide sales training for them so that they can all effortlessly communicate your UVP. More importantly, they can all conduct a skilled phone call and consultation using the LAER (Listen – Acknowledge – Explore - Respond) Communication Method and develop a long-term treatment plan. 


Take Your Skills To The Next Level

Watch an exclusive training video by Terri Ross on "The Expert Close." Increase your skill level in handling objections, understanding your client's emotions and clearly communicating your UVPs.

 Continued training and education with your team can give your practice the edge in the competitive world of aesthetic medicine. One of the core features of the Clarity Practice Performance System is training. The in-depth Sales, Finance, and Operations courses are available on-demand and customized for each staff role. It’s a seamless way to train your staff in the important sales techniques needed to make your practice a success.   

Remember, even if sales may not be a skill you and your team learned in school, sales techniques can still be learned. 

With persistency, frequency, and consistency, your team will become experts at educating with your expertise and knowledge and solving a problem for your patients. Grab these key questions to shape your practice's Unique Value Proposition. Quick, easy, and a game-changer for your business. Download your free worksheet to help find your UVP.

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